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How do I get accepted?

All Students should complete the application here.  Students who did not participate in the most recent HCM Festival should submit a solo video to best showcase the range of your abilities and musicianship. The deadline for Fall Semester is August 21st. Links may be submitted in the application or emailed to

When will I know if I've been accepted?

Students will be notified by September 10th of decisions. We realize that our students participate in a number of extra curricular activities, if you require a decision prior to September 10th, please email us at

When are coaching sessions held? Please see the schedule here. However dates and times may be subject to change according to group's and coaches availability.

What is the Tuition?

Application Fee is: $50, Tuition is $475 per semester. If you participate in the fall semester no application or application fee is required for the Spring semester.

Are there Scholarships Available?

Financial need scholarships are available. If you need a needs based scholarship, please mark the box on the application. Payment plans may also be arranged.

Is there a charge for Masterclasses?

No. Thanks to the generosity of Friends of Chamber Music all HCM students may attend the Masterclasses that are offered to the Young Artists Project scholars.

What other benefits come with tuition?

All students may attend Friend of Chamber concerts for free. Parents may attend as well for a 50% discount with their child.

What else do I need to know?

Coaching sessions are 90 minutes.

We encourage students to gather outside of their regular coachings once a week on their own to rehearse.

Have a question not answered here? 

Email us at

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